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Travel report

Last April (2023), I went for a short visit at the faculty of forest sciences and forest ecology, at the university of Göttingen (Germany). My 2-week visit to Peter Shall and Steffi Heinrichs aimed at exploring the potential benefits of the Triad landscape management zoning on biodiversity in European temperate forests. In plain words this is about designing strategies for sustainable forest management. To do this, we mobilize the multi-taxa biodiversity database compiled by the Action Bottoms-Up at European scale ( The first results are promising! The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a funding organization for the creation of research networks. The Action Bottoms-Up, which funded my visit, is one such network. Göttingen is a lively university city; its old city center has a relaxing atmosphere. It was nice to be there for spring and flowers (the university botanical garden is great), while Jyväskylä was barely emerging from the winter. I recommend!!

Photo: The "Gänseliesel" fountain on the marketplace (source: Wikipedia). On the day of their defense, PhD recipient traditionally come here to put fresh flowers and kiss the “girl with a goose” on the chicks!

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